Prewave Supplier Intelligence

Social, environmental, ethics and chain of custody intelligence to expose supply chain risk 

Our intelligence offers virtual insights into a supplier's ecosystem:

  • social systems (human and labor rights issues or violations, labor unrest, unfair treatment of workforce, child labor, discrimination…)

  • environmental systems (EHS violations or concerns, workplace accidents, hazardous materials, waste disposal, pollution…)

  • ethics (lawsuits, civil charges, corruption, political ownership or influence…)

  • chain of custody (actions or behaviours that may reveal violations)

  • additional risk insights (historical associated risks both man-made and natural, see more here)

Benefits to your organisation:

  • more robust supplier systems

  • cost savings by avoiding/decreasing on-site work

  • pre-qualification or ongoing supplier screening tool

  • due diligence tool for targeting or right-sizing audits

  • consistent and improved sustainability practices

  • anticipatory approach to omit future supply chain risks

  • proven traceability across chain of custody, improving credibility in claims

  • better understanding of component integration 

  • understanding of adherence to code of conduct 

The Prewave approach:

  • deep coverage - global, multilingual analysis of millions of data points

  • unique insights - uncovering risk issues across the supplier ecosystem 

  • machine learning - advanced AI techniques to detect risks as close to the source as possible

  • sustainably-led - guided by international sustainability principles

  • tailored insights - materiality customised to your sustainability indicators

  • quantifiable - based on objective criteria allowing an accurate and true assessment 


Pricing & Access

  • Intelligence on a single supplier, a set of common suppliers or a larger part of the chain of custody 

  • Intelligence can be accessed via email, API integration or PDF report format


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